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The ability to sit and stand during the average working day has huge health benefits to the user, helping to burn calories, boost energy levels, improve posture and promote mental well-being. In addition to the numerous health benefits provided by periodic standing, studies show that Elev82 height adjustable desks promote creativity, team interaction, collaboration, and the willingness to share ideas.
  Three-tiered leg column with adjustability from 650mm to 1250mm
Black Silver (K) (S)
Twin motors for fast, fluid and natural movement of the 25mm desktops
Weight loading of up to 160kg with sit-stand desk height adjustment
Low noise level of 39db with Vibe screen options for increased privacy
Wood Finishes
Oak Walnut (O) (W)
Fully integrated and concealed cable management
            White (WH)
Beech (B)
Grey Oak (GO)
White (WH)
White/Oak (WO)

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